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How To Use Your MailBox Angel™
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How to activate your Angels:

When you receive your angel, simply hold it in your hands, close your eyes and ask that you be connected with her and her gift. Take a breath and feel the power of your angel filling you now. Thank her for bringing her light into your life. Now place the angel on or in your mail box. It doesn’t matter if she is inside the mailbox or on the outside, her energy will begin to assist you immediately. The angel can, of course, be placed where ever you would like her help; i.e., filing cabinet, refrigerator, computer, etc. Remember, she alters energies between you and the world. Be creative in your placement and get ready to receive her gift.

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Mailboxes Refrigerators Cabinets
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Desk or Office Car Interiors Windows or Mirrors


After Activation, simply attach your MailBox Angel™ onto any metallic surface. She can be placed inside your mail box or on the outside of your mailbox. She should affix easily and firmly. If the surface is non-metallic, use the four squares of doubled sided tape to affix.

Which Angel is right for you?

Each Angel’s gifts are a blessing. These angels, of course, can be used in combination with each other to create the energy you want to attract.

You can begin with the most obvious choice. For example:

  • If you would like to receive more good news in your life, news that will bring happiness and joy, then the Angel of Joyful Tidings is there to attract that vibration.
  • If the ones you love are far away, or if you are looking for a new love in your world, then the Angel of Love will hold the vibration so that all of your communications are now filled with love.
  • If you are unsettled about your place in the world, or uncertain about how to proceed, use the Angel of Peace. Her loving energy sets up a space of peace and transforms situations to a win/win energy.
  • If you have been receiving mailings that threaten or disturb you, the Angel of Purity will work for you to begin clearing all the negative energies on every level.
  • If you are ready to take a new step in your life, let the Angel of New Opportunity bring the perfect choices into your world. She opens doors on every level.
  • If you are feeling unsupported and would like more energy in your life, the Angel of Abundance is for you. Her wonderful light shines out to draw more of what you need to feel supported and prosperous.

Using the Angels in Combination

The Angels can be used together to create a more specific energy of support in your world. The combinations are endless. You can activate and place them in service at the same time, or you can activate them one at a time, usually a week apart. This allows the first angels energy to settle before the second is introduced.

Here are some examples of using the angels to help with specific issues.

Are you ready to attract more love and companionship into your life?

First- Place the Angel of love in or on your mail box. Let her energy begin to work for you for about a week, and then.

Place the Angel of Joyful Tidings in or on your mail box. The vibration of love will have had time to settle and you are now ready to receive joyful energy from the world.

The power of these two working together will enhance all of your communications to bring greater love to you.

Are you ready to invite more Prosperity into your life?

To increase your financial resources, you may want to:

  • Activate the Angel of New Opportunities and the Angel of Abundance together and place them on your mailbox at the same time.

These two energies will work together immediately to bring about new avenues of abundance and support.

Are you currently experiencing debt/unwanted mail?

If you are currently receiving past due notices or letters that disturb you in any way, you may want to:

  • First, activate the Angel of Purity and place her on your mailbox. Her energy will go out to ease and gently absorb any negativity coming to you.
  • Then one week later, you may activate and place the Angel of Abundance along with any of the other angels you may choose. You may want New Opportunities, or Peace.
  • Follow your guidance in choosing the right angels to support you.

The Angel of Purity will clear the current energy and the Angels that follow will set up a new intention for your life.

Are you ready to receive more support for your life in the world?

  • Begin with the Angel of Peace and allow her harmonizing energies to work for the first week.
  • Then add the Angel of Abundance and New Opportunities. They can be added at the same time if you wish.

These three will now work together to call forth energies to support you!

Using the Angels to Help You Transform:

The MailBox Angels are here to help you with your energy exchange in the world. Here are some simple suggestions for combinations that will help you feel supported in your desired change.

Career Change - New Opportunity, Peace & Joyful Tidings

Moving - New Opportunity, Love & Abundance

Stressful Relationships - Purity, Peace & Love

Grief - Peace Love & Joyful Tidngs

Indecision - Peace, Purity & Abundance

Emotional Trauma - Purity, Peace & Love

Loneliness - Love, Peace & Abundance

Addictions - Purity, Peace & New Opportunity

Health Issues - Purity, Love & New Opportunity

The combinations are endless. Follow your heart and let these Angels begin blessing you today.


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