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“I received my MailBox Angel of Opportunity in this afternoon’s mail. I held it to feel the vibrations and immediately placed it inside my mail box. Yes, I was skeptical. But I thought, for $5 what the heck. That same night I received an email for a sales opportunity that I thought was dead weeks ago. And it will be my largest contract in the last 18 months!” L. B. - Atlanta, GA

My son woke up with a bulging disc in his neck that was sitting on his nerve in his neck. He had been very tense because he had moved for another job and his old house had not sold as yet. I sent him the Angel of Purity, and even before he received the angel, he called me and told me that he was so much better—surgery his doctor had mentioned was not necessary and the pain was gone. Also he got a great offer for the sale of his house! M.A. - Marietta, GA Boy, those angels work really fast!

On Wednesday I received a letter from my daughter. Inside was a “Mailbox Angel”, specifically the “Love” angel. I read the descriptions of all the angels, and I was happy to put my Love angel to work for me. I held her in my hands and asked that her powers be activated to bring move love into my life. I could feel the warmth in my hands as I prayed. When I was done I placed her in the center of my refrigerator, which I felt was a much more appropriate spot for her than my mailbox.

On Thursday I received a phone call from a friend I hadn’t heard from in some time. It was wonderful to hear from her. At the end of the conversation my friend said “I love you Margery.” I was talking on the phone in my kitchen, and I looked directly at my angel the moment my friend spoke those words. I know she was showing me that she was indeed bringing more love into my life.

Now every time I walk past my refrigerator I touch my angel and am so happy she’s helping me experience greater love on a daily basis. MSK - St. Petersburg, FL

I had been having quite a few challenging situations with some of my bills and my plans. Everything seemed to be mixed up and had gotten very hard to deal with. After receiving my Angel of Peace, I activated her and placed her on top of my stack of problems on my office desk.

I was surprised by my immediate sense of relief, almost as if I could feel that someone was helping me. One by one all of the issues resolved, effortlessly! I was amazed and very grateful.

I have kept my Angel of Peace on my desk, and now place everything that I want help with underneath her. M. Y. - Woodstock, Ga.

I have a business that has been around for about twenty years. Some of these years have not been as easy as I would have liked. I activated my Angel of Purity and placed her on a filing cabinet that held all of the company’s permanent files. I asked that our past be purified on every level- with the people and with all of the events.

Wow, was I surprised. Almost immediately we began to hear from clients that we had not seen in years! There is a lightness that fills us now. We really have felt a great clearing. Thank you. A. F. – Alpharetta, Ga.

I was drawn to the Angel of Joyful Tidings, maybe because I just needed to laugh more. I activated her and placed her in my mail box. As I see her every day, I now consciously look at all of my mail. Not only is there a reduction of what I would call “junk mail”, but I have received some surprising letters of good fortune.

But most importantly, one week after activating my angel, we heard that our children were moving back into town after living away for two years! Now that was certainly some JOYFUL TIDINGS! A. J. Atlanta, Ga.

The Angel of New Opportunities was the first angel I activated. I placed her in my mail box and said, -I am open. Do your thing. Within one week, I awoke with THE most fabulous idea for a new business that will enhance my current line of work. As I began to think about the steps involved, several people came “out of the woodwork” with the skills I will need to get it up and running.

All I can say is AWESOME! This is gonna be great! F. C. – Atlanta, Ga.

We were given a MailBox Angel to try, so we did. We have a small business and had been experiencing a very slow time. Clients had slowed and so had the money. We activated the Angel of Abundance and placed her on our filing cabinet that held the client files. Well, needless to say, she did the trick. We are now booked to over flowing!

Isn’t it interesting that the angelic support is all around us and we forget to ask for it.
MailBox Angels certainly do provide a channel to open and receive. E. J. - Roswell, GA


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