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September 16, 2008

Heaven, 2008. Great news from above: MailBox Angels™ are here. These small, inexpensive magnetic panels have been bringing good energy and prosperity to people everywhere. It’s time to spread the word.

“Since I put the Angels of Purity, New Opportunity and Abundance in and around me at work, I’ve move into a larger office, been given more responsibility, and have received a 17% pay raise, up from 3% the year before. – Who says there’s a recession?” C.S. Atlanta, GA

MailBox Angels™ are amazing! The angels of Love, Peace, Joyful Tidings, New Opportunity, Abundance and Purity bring their gifts to transform lives. Whether someone is challenged with prosperity, emotional or health issues, MailBox Angels™ are catalysts for positive change.

The power of these angels is undeniable.

“I had been having quite a few challenging situations with some of my bills and my plans. Everything seemed to be mixed up and had gotten very hard to deal with. After receiving my Angel of Peace, I activated her and placed her on top of my stack of problems on my office desk. I was surprised by my immediate sense of relief, almost as if I could feel that someone was helping me. One by one all of the issues resolved, effortlessly! I was amazed and very grateful. I have kept my Angel of Peace on my desk, and now place everything that I want help with underneath her.” M. Y. - Woodstock, Ga

Good intentions herald good fortune. The proceeds of these enchanting angels go to a non-profit organization. Your blessing, blesses others.

In a time when the world needs it most, here is some positive news: The MailBox Angels™ have arrived! These blessings are available at www.mailboxangels.com.

It’s good fortune, heaven sent.

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