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MailBox Angel™ of Joyful Tidings
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angel of joyful tidings

The Angel of Joyful Tidings stands with outstretched arms receiving all of the love the Universe has to offer. Her exuberant energy brings joy and enthusiasm to all of your communications to and from the world.

The Angel of Joyful Tidings will work for you bringing:

  • Greater Enthusiasm to all areas of your life
  • A greater ability to receive and give joy!

She will draw greater joy into your life -

  • Allowing you to better touch your potential.
  • Bringing greater support of happy people to your world
  • Opens you to be able to see an expanded sense of self
  • Allows all communications to be positive and expanded.

Use the Angel of Joyful Tidings when you are wanting to joyfully expand yourself in the world!

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Love :: Peace :: Purity
New Opportunity :: Abundance
MailBox Angel™ of Joyful Tidings Description

Dancing in a shower of stars, the MailBox Angel™ of Joyful Tidings raises her arms in blissful exuberance. She is adorned in a stunning silk dress decorated in beautiful floral detail. Energy and love radiates from her smile. Her beautiful auburn locks are kissed by the sun. She invites all of us to live with excitement and passion. Let loose the gates of your greater joy today.

MailBox Angel™ of Joyful Tidings Testimonials

I was drawn to the Angel of Joyful Tidings, maybe because I just needed to laugh more. I activated her and placed her in my mail box. As I see her every day, I now consciously look at all of my mail. Not only is there a reduction of what I would call “junk mail”, but I have received some surprising letters of good fortune.

But most importantly, one week after activating my angel, we heard that our children were moving back into town after living away for two years! Now that was certainly some JOYFUL TIDINGS! A. J. Atlanta, Ga.


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